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  • Helping Tasmanian exporters find new markets

    Tasmania produces some of the world’s finest premium products, products that help promote our State and our brand.

    The Hodgman Government is working with producers to help them expand into new international markets, because growing international markets will grow jobs and investment in Tasmania.

    Under the Hodgman Government, exports have increased by three per cent.

    To help encourage the continued success of Tasmanian exporters, I am pleased to announce that the New Market Expansion Program is now open for 2017-18 to support businesses and industry associations to expand their presence in export markets.

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  • Fuel price data can benefit motorists and retailers

    Speaking at the Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum today, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims outlined how fuel price data from websites and apps empower price-sensitive consumers. The industry can then attract these consumers through discounts to increase their sales.

    Since 2016 fuel price data has been readily available to motorists from an increasing number of websites and apps. These include the NSW FuelCheck scheme, the GasBuddy app, the NRMA app and the 7-Eleven app. This information assists consumers find the best time to buy at sites with the lowest prices.

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  • Fish Processor Caught Out For Dishonest Reporting

    A Port Lincoln fish processor has been found guilty of purchasing illegally caught fish and deliberately falsifying records to conceal the transaction.

    In October 2013, Jarn Jamison of Seapac Seafoods Pty Ltd and retail arm Austar Seafood Warehouse Pty Ltd, purchased 138kg of Gummy Shark from commercial marine scale fisher Glen Tonkin (who was not licensed to catch the species) and recorded the purchase as a shark species of less value.

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  • More housing for the vulnerable

    The second stage of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund will deliver 1200 new houses across NSW.

    In March 2017, as part of stage one, five partners from the private and not-for-profit sectorswere selected to deliver 2200 homes in metropolitan and regional NSW.

    The second stage will provide more homes to those in need of social housing and ensure residents are connected to transport, jobs, education and tailored support services.

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  • Re: Unique identification number for company directors

    Comments attributable to Kate Carnell

    Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman


    “We support a unique identifier that will enable identification of rogue directors to ensure they can’t be involved in multiple instances of phoenixing.


    “Phoenixing hurts small business. When companies phoenix it’s usually the subcontractors and small businesses who suffer; they’re the ones who aren’t paid.


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  • New Payment System To Make Life Easier For TAC Clients

    The Andrews Labor Government has launched a new payment system that will transform the way Victorian medical and health practitioners transact with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and improve care for Victorians.

    The new payment platform, LanternPay, will save TAC service providers’ time and money, allowing them to focus on helping their patients get better.

    Minister for Finance Robin Scott today joined physiotherapist Mark Round to launch LanternPay, which moves the TAC from a paper-based to a digital payment process.

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  • Victorian Manufacturing Blasts Into A New Era

    Victorian university students have launched manufacturing into the Space Age using revolutionary 3D printing technology to design, build and test a world-first rocket engine.

    Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan today met PhD students at the Woodside Innovation Centre at Monash University to get a first-hand look at the Aerospike Rocket Engine.

    The Aerospike Rocket Engine project brings together local researchers working in aerodynamics and combustion and experts from Amaero Additive Manufacturing.

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  • Don't gift a scammer iTunes cards

    The ACCC is warning people to be on the lookout for scammers who are trying to con their victims into paying for scams with Apple iTunes gift cards.

    During 2017 to date, reports to the ACCC’s Scamwatch show 1236 people lost nearly $540,000 to scammers using gift cards as payments.

    This is a growing trend: in the 2015-16 financial year losses were about $480,000.

    “Scammers are increasingly getting their victims to pay with iTunes gift cards as they can quickly on-sell them and pocket the money,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

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  • Tasmania leads in July retail trade growth

    Today’s ABS Stats show that Tasmania had the best growth rate in the nation for retail trade in July, up 0.5 per cent from June.

    For the year to July 2017 Tasmanian retail trade experienced growth of 4.3 per cent in trend terms, making us the second highest ranking state in terms of yearly growth, behind only Victoria.

    The July statistics also confirm 33 consecutive months of growth in the retail sector, and 14 months of growth above $500 million, with a nominal value of $523.4 million.

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  • Woolmers Visitor Centre development to drive tourism

    Woolmers Estate is one of Tasmania’s most unique and remarkable cultural heritage assets and it was my pleasure today to hand over the final instalment of State Government funding for the Woolmers Visitor Centre redevelopment.

    The development has produced a contemporary multi-purpose visitor centre that will serve as the gateway to the Brickendon and Woolmers Estates World Heritage Site.

    Tourism in Tasmania is booming and we want to continue the momentum and attract even more people to our state, which is why we actively supported this development and committed $1.75 million to the project prior to the 2014 election.

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