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  • Seawind announces purchase of Corsair

    Seawind announced it had bought Corsair and intends to reinforce the acquired target’s global brand. Speaking during its 12th annual Pittwater Regatta, Seawind managing director Richard Ward said the coming together of the two firms marks a perfect fit for business. Richard noted the two firms’ have products and manufacturing processes that robustly complement each other. Thus, according to Richard, the investment signals new growth opportunities in both the manufacturing and sales areas of Seawind and Corsair.

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  • Britain's BG Group to spend $15 billion on Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) project

    Praised as a bolster to Australia’s national economy, the UK’s BG Group is to spend some US$15 billion on a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Australia. The British firm announced Tuesday that it will spend the amount in expanding its coal seam gas production in the Australian state of Queensland. The Australian government has hailed the investment plan, terming it a boost to the country’s economy due to its magnitude.

    BG Group will use the sum to expand its existing coal seam gas production assets in the country and move towards the establishment of a 540 Kilometer underground pipeline linking gas fields to a pioneering liquefied natural gas project.

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  • Brady Corp. acquires Australia’s ID Warehouse

    Brady Corp. Monday reported it had bought ID Warehouse, the Australian access control cards and security identification items. The buying price for the transaction was not closed. ID Warehouse has annual sales of about $8 million, primarily in Australia. The acquisition is Brady's sixth in Australia since 1999.

    The Milwaukee-based company employs about 200 people on the continent. Based in Milwaukee, Brady Corp provides identification solutions, and its acquisition of the Australian firm bolsters its offering in the country, given its established business presence in New South Wales, Australia.

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  • Australian software firm Atlassian in first buy out since July, acquires

    Australian software firm Atlassian over the weekend announced reported it had made an investment for the takeover of The move comes as Altassian’s first buy in five Months, since it last made its $60 million investment in venture capital. The software developer has bought, a free code hosting site with some estimated 60,000 users.

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  • Sims Group Australia Holdings to sign agreement with Commercial Metal Recycling Services (CMRS) for the purchase of assets

    Sims Metal subsidiary Sims Group Australia Holding reported Thursday it is to go into an agreement with Commercial Metal Recycling Services for the acquisition of assets. The deal will see Sims acquire some assets of the metal recycler. Commercial Metal Recycling Services is a specialist firm in the recycling services sector and serves a number of organizations in the State of Queensland.

    The firm boasts a vast experience in the recycling and specialty metal processing for end user smelters nationally. The investment is expected to enable the firm enhance its service delivery to customers within the original sectors covered by CMRS with capability to collect 75 thousand and 7 thousand tons of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap annually.

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  • Ericsson Australia acquires telecommunications firm Allied Technologies Group TUSC

    Ericson Australia Thursday announced it had bought a Subsidiary of Allied Technologies Group, TUSC. The takeover will see Ericson Australia take in around 80 employees of TUSC who will be absorbed into the group. TUSC specializes in systems integration for telecommunications, utilities and enterprises.

    The investment is typical of Ericson’s drive for additional reinforcement of its already leading placement in the telecoms services markets. Other than that, it is also expected to reinforce its focus areas of systems integration, telecom management and operational support systems (OSS). The TUSC acquisition also allows Ericsson to diversify its customer base into closely related sector utilities.

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  • Australian oil and gas firm MEO Australia Limited completes acquisition of an additional 5 per cent in WA-360-P

    Australian oil and gas firm MEO Australia Ltd said it had completed the acquisition of an additional 5 per cent interest in WA-360-P well. The firm paid an investment sum of $5.5 million for the additional 5 per cent interest. The move marks the final step in the acquisition process, and the interest will be now be acquired from Rankin Trend Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Moby Oil $ Gas.

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  • Singapore Exchange Ltd in bid to merger with the Australian Stock Exchange in an $8.3 billion undertaking

    Singapore Exchange Ltd Monday said it is mulling a potential takeover of the operator of the Australian bourse for a consideration of $8.3 billion. The investment offer is a cash and shares takeover for the Australian securities operator, with the undertaking targeted at taking the Singaporean Exchange Ltd from second tier stock market to leading Asian Finance centre.

    If it should go through, the investment is expected to create the world’s fifth largest exchange in terms of market value and rank as the second largest stock market in Asia in terms of the number of listed firms. In a joint statement, the two exchanges reiterated their plans, targeted at increasing their survival amidst the increasing competition.

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  • Vocus invests in the Sydney and Melbourne arms of E3 Networks' datacenter business

    Vocus announced Monday it had bought the Sydney and Melbourne units of E3 Networks’ datacenter business. Vocus, the voice and data network operator said it had made the investment for a consideration of sum $5.9 million. The investment now puts datacenter facilities that serve around 120 different telcos and internet service providers under the management of Vocus.

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  • Corporate Travel Management acquires Travelcorp Holdings

    Corporate Travel Management Friday announced it had acquired Travelcorp, one of Australia’s foremost travel firms. Corporate Travel Management is based in Brisbane and its acquisition of Travelcorp expands its offering considerably. Corporate Travel Management founder and chief executive officer Jamie Pherous said Travelcorp is a perfect fit for the firm’s business as it complements the firm’s offering and will help enhance its position in the industry.

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