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  • Westpac Banking Corp. raises $3 Billion from American debt market

    In a move aimed at ending conjecture over its rumored Asian venture, Westpac Banking Corp, the Australian banking major raised 3 billion US dollars from the American debt markets. In the move, the Australian bank remitted to investors a margin of 93 and 115 basis points consecutively by pricing 1 billion US dollars in three year bonds and 2 billion US dollars in five year bonds.

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  • $7 billion of Australian Coal Assets owned by Foreign Mining Firms, FDI in mining on rise

    An Australian mining sector report, undertaken by UBS, has revealed an FDI increase in mining projects in the country with about $7 billion of Coal assets alone being held by foreign companies. According to the report, the number of mergers and acquisitions in the Australian mining sector has increased by a notable margin as foreign companies push for Coal investments in the country.

    The report revealed further that most of the country’s coal assets are being increasingly taken over by Asian companies desperate to cater for the burgeoning energy demands in their countries and subsequently; the rush for Australian coal assets has upped bid valuations for Australian mining companies.

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  • Wellington based infrastructure investment firm HRL Morrison & Co putting A$2 billion bid for 99 year lease of Australian Port of Brisbane

    HRL Morrison & Co., the Wellington based infrastructure investment firm is keen on acquiring the Australian Port of Brisbane. HRL Morrison is funded by the New Zealand superannuation fund and is currently bidding with five other companies for the A$2 billion Queensland state government owned port.

    The Queensland state government put the port up for sale and it has attracted a number of firms for the bid. According to Australian media reports HRL Morrison, the manager of Infratil, listed in the New Zealand stock and a well known infrastructure investor, is leading a group of companies bidding for the Brisbane port. However, Morrison & Co would not comment on the emerging media reports.

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  • Europe’s homecare company Air Liquide acquires 70% of Snore Australia & 70% of Medions Homecare, South Korean company

    In a bid to capitalize on the growing global homecare market, Air Liquide Thursday announced it had acquired two companies, one in Australia and the other in South Korea. Air Liquide, the world’s third biggest and Europe’s biggest homecare company said the acquisitions are part of its expansion strategy seeking to grow and develop its provision of services via targeted acquisitions in a variety of markets.

    Air Liquide said it had acquired a 70% stake in the Australian company, Snore Australia, one of the country’s foremost companies in the sleep diagnosis segment. According to the Australian firm, its diagnoses have been crucial in the diagnosis and assessment of the levels of disorders in conditions like sleep apnea.

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  • Speech recognition product company Nuance Communications buys Information Technologies Australia

    In an announcement Wednesday, Nuance Communications, the speech recognition products company said it had bought the Australian IT firm, Information Technologies Australia (iTa). The Australian IT firm provides automated customer services and in the deal, iTa’s executives will retain their places at Nuance in what the company said is to help grow Nuance’s business further.

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  • A2 NZ shareholders approve deal for remaining A2 Dairy products Australia stake

    A2 New Zealand shareholders Tuesday approved a deal that seeks to buy the 50% stake remaining in Australian company A2 Dairy Products. The deal will see Australian Stock Listed Company Freedom Nutritional Products, its partner in the Australian venture, acquire 25% stake in A2 Corp upon completion of the deal, with the choice of upping its stake later to about 27%. According to A2 Corp, it hopes the deal will give it special rights for it to produce and sale its milk products in Australia and Japan.

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  • Private hospital operator Healthscope’s Board approves US based Carlyle Group takeover

    Australia’s second biggest private hospital operator, Healthscope, Tuesday announced it board had approved the proposed investment takeover from the Carlyle Group, based in the US. According to the announcement, the board agreed to the A$2 billion takeover bid from the American private equity Group undertaken in conjunction with TPG Capital.


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  • Australian Government reaches agreement on resources tax

    The Federal Government has reached agreement on improved resource tax arrangements that address the concerns of the resource industry.

    According to Deputy Prime Minsiter and Treasurer Wayne Swan, the agreement provides certainty to the resources industry, to mining communities right around the country, and to the broader Australian economy.

    "The breakthrough agreement keeps faith with our central goal from day one: to deliver a better return for the Australian people for the resources they own and which can only be dug up once. It is the result of intense consultation and negotiation with the resources industry," Swan said.

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  • Carbon trust programs to boost energy efficiency and carbon reductions

    Australian Carbon Trust today announced the commencement of two of its national programs, with plans for building strategic relationships with major businesses and the wider community to retrofit non-residential buildings and certify their businesses, products and services under a new Carbon Neutral Program.  

    The Australian Carbon Trust is now seeking Expressions of Interest from financial institutions, businesses and service providers, who wish to work with the Trust on energy efficiency projects in the non-residential buildings sector across Australia.

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  • Innovative water-saving device launched by H20 Organiser Ltd

    H20 Organiser Ltd has designed a water control and monitoring device which it claims has the potential to save households and commercial premises up to 180 million litres of water a year nationwide.


    According to H20 Organiser, the H20 Water Pressure Controller and Town Saver products present an easy and cost-effective solution to the ongoing problem of water wastage by monitoring the flow of electricity, rather than the flow of water to a pump - enabling the device to sense when a pump is running unnecessarily and avoid potentially disastrous losses of water.


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