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Living Holroyd



Council’s Living Holroyd program has been created to focus our city on the future, with Council and our community working together.


The program takes in a wide-range of components and presents opportunities for direct community involvement in Council’s planning process and to shape the future of our city.


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Integrated Planning and Reporting


The Division of Local Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting structure has been developed to replace existing Council planning requirements and will enable Council to strategically respond to current and future community needs.


Council is required to develop a long-range planning system which refines its

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Community Strategic Plan


The Living Holroyd Community Strategic Plan has been developed to map the future of Holroyd City, representing the voice of over 2,000 participants in the Living Holroyd Program to date.


Establishing a central vision for Holroyd and a series of supporting long-term strategies, the Community Strategic Plan balances a

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Our Supporting Plans


Living Holroyd has established a set of plans to outline the long-term vision for the future of the City, created in partnership with the community.


In summary, these plans include:

  • The 2013-2017 Delivery Program (incorporating the 2013/2014 Operational Plan) which establishes a rolling program of actions and priorities that

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Engaging Our Community


Living Holroyd has delivered the plans outlined above through engaging our community and actively seeking your views on the future of our City. Council has undertaken extensive engagement with the Community to identify the community vision, aspirations and priorities for the future. The feedback obtained through this process

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The City Progress Report


The City Progress Report , (also known as the End of Term Report), has been prepared under Section 428A(2) of the Local Government Act and related Guidelines/Manuals, to report the progress of the implementation and effectiveness of the Living Holroyd Community Strategic Plan.


The City Progress Report is structured to

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Be Involved


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