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Invest in Melbourne, capital city of Victoria::

Melbourne, Australia is a global business and investment centre that has a thriving and sustainable economy that welcomes and supports many different industries. Located in the Asia Pacific time-zone, Melbourne is ideally placed between East and West. Australia is the first market to open each day, providing a time zone bridge linking the closing of the US and the opening of the European markets.


Among cities in Asia, Melbourne stands out as the location of choice within the region, offering a comprehensive array of services at a competitive price. In 2007, Melbourne's cost of living was ranked well below that of several other Asian cities including Shanghai, Singapore, Osaka Kobe, Hong Kong and Seoul.


Melbourne offers sound transport and logistics infrastructure to support international business activity. Transport options include:


  • Australia's largest 24 hour curfew-free airport offering more than 400 international arrivals and departures each week.
  • The Port of Melbourne which welcomes more than 3,500 ship calls each year, providing access to more than 300 ports of call around the globe.
  • Integrated connections with major rail and road freight facilities including several interlinked freeways.
  • Sophisticated logistics operators and systems.


    Melbourne is a focal point for skilled and multilingual professionals, founded on its international reputation as a leading university city. Eight major universities have campuses in the Greater Melbourne area, contributing to the city's role as a 'Knowledge City'.


    Businesses located in Melbourne can therefore recruit from a rich pool of emerging multicultural and multilingual talent. In 2006, in the inner city area of the City of Melbourne alone, more than 40% of City residents had a bachelor's or postgraduate degree.


    The proximity between business and universities in Melbourne also facilitates collaboration between the business and university sectors, particularly in the area of applied research and development.


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