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North Sydney CBD Overview

The planning regime for the North Sydney CBD including intergrated transport, growth and the Public Domain Strategy.


Integrated Transport, Growth and Public Domain Strategy


In February 2003 Council completed a new planning regime for the North Sydney Centre (central business district and fringe areas). The planning regime for the Centre integrates land use with transport and presents a three-pronged approach to development of the public domain, private domain and transport infrastructure.


The new planning regime for the Centre finalises a comprehensive review of planning in North Sydney that started in 1980, with the introduction of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, and has seen two comprehensive LEP's gazetted.


The new planning regime for the North Sydney Centre introduces concepts and development controls that have not been tried before, and also facilitates a partnership between developers, Council and State Government in the upgrading of public transport infrastructure in North Sydney. It focusses on four key areas:


  1.  Local Environmental Plan
  2.  Railway Contributions
  3.  Development Control Plan
  4.  Public Domain Strategy  

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Local Environment Plan

The Local Environment Plan allows for the development of commercial buildings in the CBD while stringent controls protect the amenity of surroundings.


Railway Contributions

Developer contributions for the upgrade of North Sydney Railway Station.


Development Control Plan

A Development Control Plan has been adopted that will ensure development meets stringent design criteria, internally and externally.


North Sydney Public Domain Strategy

Council adopted the North Sydney Centre Public Domain Strategy in 2004.


North Sydney Centre Review

A multi-faceted, comprehensive planning review of Sydney's second largest CBD in order to strengthen its role.