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Sydney is the gateway to Australia, one of the world’s most economically resilient, politically stable and globally competitive business locations. Sydney is the capital of the Australian State of New South Wales (NSW), whose diverse economy is larger than that of Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia or Singapore and accounts for more than one third of Australia’s GDP.



More than 200 languages are spoken in NSW. The State’s multilingual workforce is an asset to global companies and international project teams.



In 2008, the education system was ranked second in the Asia Pacific for meeting the needs of a competitive economy. NSW has 11 universities, and 56 per cent of the working age population has tertiary qualifications.



Sydney offers a large pool of highly skilled workers at salary levels below those of other major international business capitals. Office space is also significantly cheaper than in Tokyo, London, Hong Kong and New York and almost 65 per cent less than in Mumbai.



Sydney’s time zone, 10 hours ahead of GMT, spans the closing of the North American business day and the opening of business in Europe. Sydney's market trades ahead of Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Many global companies use Sydney as part of their “follow-the-sun” strategy.



Wipro, an Indian ICT company, set up a global services centre in Parramatta, and Polaris Software opened a facility in Sydney to conduct software testing for Australian financial service providers.


In 2008, Australia’s economy was recognised as the most resilient in the world for the seventh year running. Its sustained growth has outstripped all countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development for the past 15 years. Australia ranks seventh for financial institutions’ transparency, seventh for its legal and regulatory framework and fourth for political stability.



Companies establishing in NSW can offer their executives an outstanding quality of life, supported by world class recreational, educational and health care services. A temperate climate, low levels of pollution and the State’s diverse natural beauty make NSW a great place to live.



Sydney and NSW are at the forefront of biotechnology and pharmaceutical development and production in Australia. Sydney is home to 80 per cent of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Australia and 40 per cent of Australia’s biotechnology industry.



NSW is also the centre of Australia’s environmental industry. Nearly half of the 140 firms and public sector organisations listed in the Australian Environmental Industry Directory are based in NSW, excluding research organisations and industry associations.



Mining is one of the most significant industries in NSW and the State is a major exporter of coal, zinc, gold, copper, steel and aluminium.


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