Thursday, 13 August 2020 Sydney

Sydney the most popular city to study and the fourth most appealing destination for skilled international workers - Lord Mayor Moore::

Sydney is a global city at the heart of the Australian economy. More than $100 billion is generated here each year – almost a quarter of our entire state’s GDP.


Our amazing harbour and landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, world class international events, museums, galleries and cultural life are well known. But it’s our investment in both our community and our economy that I’m most excited about.


By creating a city where people come first we are seeing jobs, businesses and investment follow. Our vision is for Sydney as a City of Villages, with the CBD business and residential core inter-dependent with the surrounding villages with homes, local shops, parks, schools and other facilities.


In the past five years, more than 50,000 new jobs have been created across our local government area, and 2,000 new businesses have opened, representing almost 40 per cent of all jobs growth in metropolitan Sydney.


The City’s strong and carefully managed financial position means we are able to make record investments in infrastructure over the next ten years. We are investing in projects that will help transform our city, including $440 million for a new town centre in Green Square, $220 million for George Street and light rail, $180 million for new footpaths, roadways and paving, and $55 million for new childcare centres.


Our financial and organisational resources also mean the City can take a leadership role in sustainability. The City of Sydney is committed to reducing our city’s emissions by 70 per cent (on 2006 levels). We’re reducing our water use while reusing and recycling stormwater, installing solar panels on our buildings, using electric cars, and continuing to install energy-efficient LED lights in our streets and parks.


We are one of the fastest-growing residential areas, with 8,000 new dwellings built in the past five years and a further 17,600 applications lodged or approved but not yet completed. The figure is 10 per cent of the metropolitan Sydney total over the past 10 years, in just 0.2 per cent of the area.


As of this year, we have been ranked the most popular city to study in by the Global Cities Index and the fourth most appealing destination for skilled international workers, behind London, New York and Paris.


A decade ago, Sydney communities entrusted their City to our independent team with broad goals clearly stated to make Sydney environmentally sustainable; to promote its global ambitions; to expand its green spaces; to build on the strengths of its local villages and by making it a very desirable place to live, to also make it a magnet for the highly educated and mobile workforce of the 21st century.


The results are all around us. We have a thriving, beautiful global city, with a growing economy and an enviable international reputation for liveability.


Lord Mayor Clover Moore