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Visit, Live & Invest in Wakool::

The Shire covers an area of 7,549 sq kilometres with a population of 4200 according to the 2006 census.


The main population centres include Barham, Moulamein, Tooleybuc, Wakool, Goodnight, Koraleigh, Kyalite and Murray Downs.


The climate is semi arid temperate the area being known as "Riverina". The low rainfall means predominantly clear skies with very warm summers. The topography is flat with small sandy hills in areas. Vegetation varies from forest of giant river red gums through Riverina grasslands to mallee.


The whole area is rich in bird life ranging from blue wrens to waterfowls to the mighty Wedge tail eagle. Kangaroos and emus are plentiful.


There are 1769 km of roads within the Shire, which includes: 42 km of State Highway; 310 km of regional (also known as main or classified) roads, 1375 km or local (also known as shire or unclassified) roads, 41.63 km of roads and streets within the main population centres.


There are 75 bridges maintained by the shire, of which 43 are timber; with 26 bridges on regional roads, 49 on local roads and an additional 8 bridges classified as National Bridges and maintained by the Road Traffic Authority.


Economic Strategy


The Wakool Shires Business Development Incentive is an element of the Wakool Shire Councils approach to encouraging business investment and economic development for the district so as to strengthen the local economy, improve employment and thereby improve overall quality of life for the residents of the Shire.


Specific Goals of the Policy

  • To encourage the development of suitable business enterprises within the Shire involving the attraction and establishment of new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses.
  •  To offer incentives to new or expanding business in the form of rate concessions and/or deferment of payment of rates and/or development charges of Council.
  •  To establish a budget allocation for funding of subsidies and mechanisms for close monitoring to ensure the objectives of the policy are being met


Economic Information


Wakool Shire Council has recently decided to place a renewed focus on economic development.  The first step has been to give the General Manager direct responsibility for Economic Development.  In this way a co-ordinated response can be provided across all Council departments, including Engineering and Development Services (Planning, Building & Environmental Health).


The next steps will include the release of our newly published Economic Profile and renewing Council’s current Economic Development Strategy – with the development of Wakool’s new strategy to take place in the early part of 2014.


Our Economic Development approach is to work in partnership with State and Federal Government agencies, business and our community to support new initiatives and projects for Wakool.  Chief amongst these are NSW Trade & Investment and the Murray Hume Business Enterprise Centre (BEC).


Key economic development functions for us are:


To link business with government;

To facilitate supporting infrastructure;  and

Relationship management. 


Our focus is on enhancing competitiveness, increasing sustainable growth and improving outcomes for the community as a whole.


Economic Development enquiries may be directed, in the first instance, to Bruce Graham, General Manager on 03 5887 5007.