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Throughout history, economic development and improvement in the human condition has been fuelled by entrepreneurial instinct and personal risk taking. Institutions with the vision and determination to bring new solutions that provide long-term enduring value to the market place have continued to blossom.

At Ingenieux Consulting Group, we believe that successful investment decisions are based on striking a chord between the investee’s appetite for risk and the markets dynamic needs. It is the product of business insight, having the intellectual frameworks for decision making and an unbiased approach to objective investment decisions.

We realize that success in today’s dynamic investment environment is only possible if a firm employs contemporary methodologies that embrace the changing business landscape. It is for this reason that we are constantly reinvesting in our research, analytic and innovative capability. We formulate an expansive definition of our client’s goals and challenges and then develop and deploy solutions that are fully au fait with their needs.


Ingenieux Corporate Finance & Advisory Services

As our clients embrace the drive of globalisation, they are also faced with new challenges posed by local and regional nuances. Through our entrepreneurial skills, experience in multiple emerging and mature markets and broad industry exposure, we understand the challenge and difficulties that the modern business landscape offers. Through a combination of hands on approach, domain expertise and business understanding, we are able to engineer financial solutions that are tailored to our client’s unique circumstances.


Corporate Finance Solutions that Work

Through our knowledge, experience and insight, we are able to identify trends that will shape the market place in the future and this would equip our clients with a competitive advantage related to their interpretation of these market events. Our resources and expertise further enables us to deliver innovative and practical insights that bring a new perspective to macroeconomic events and business strategy, thereby contributing to our client’s bottom line performance.

Through our close partnerships with relationship bankers, the broader investment banking community, professional services firms and asset managers, we are able to design and structure effective solutions for our clients by incorporating geographic, sector specific and product specific solutions.


Mergers, Acquisitions, Alliances and Joint Ventures

We are well placed to represent either the buy-side or the sell-side of lower to middle market, and middle market public companies in domestic and cross border transactions to add value to your business. To this end, we can be of assistance in a number of areas such as;

• Strategic Functions

This includes divestitures from private equity funds or SBU’s. Our expertise extends into the formation of joint venture style partnerships and strategic alliances as well as deal brokering in M&A activity. Alternatively, if the situation requires a reverse acquisition or simply a trade sale of a closely held entity; we are well positioned to offer our expertise in any of these instances.

• Pre-Merger Activity

Our activities in this instance include assessing the funding needs of our client and formulating plans for an optimal capital re-structuring of their balance sheet. We assist in establishing a framework for their plans which includes a complete financial, human resource, culture and organisation-wide analysis.

• Post-Merger Integration

Our thoroughness in the pre-merger stage allows us to devote more time to cultural integration and change management. These softer issues demand transparency, open communication, and a sense of common purpose. Our engagement during this phase is to make the process seamless and less challenging.

• Buy-Side and Sell-Side Services

We always strive to find opportunities that present the perfect strategic fit for our buyers so that the real value in their core assets can be enhanced. Integration of the acquired business is managed in an efficient and confidential manner to avoid disruption to the buyer business. For clients seeking to divest from their business, a successful harvest is dependent on timing and valuation frameworks. Through our proprietary processes and the involvement of senior level management in every transaction, we are able to evaluate your company with the view to extracting the best price from strategic and financial buyers.


Fund Syndication and Capital Raising

Our fund syndication team has the expertise in structuring and pooling funds for a range of investment syndication opportunities. Syndication offers our clients the benefits of risk diversification at lower hurdle rates in multiple geographies and through sector diversification. Having access to capital during periods of growth and opportunity allows our clients to take advantage and expand their current portfolio. By leveraging our expertise and relationships with strategic investors, institutional financiers and public sector funding organisations, we are able to structure financing solutions which meets our client’s objectives and lower the hurdle rate thereby improving the probability of success.

Through our syndicated capital raising activities we are in a position to provide debt, equity and hybrid finance for the funding of:

• Medium to large scale infrastructure style projects – these can originate from public sector initiatives, public private partnership initiatives, private sector initiatives, mature markets and emerging markets.

• Corporate Venturing Programs – Ingenieux works hand in glove with clients that possess patented or licensed technology and who wish to bring these technologies to market. Through our CVP, our clients are able to utilise our expertise at project management and corporate finance whilst we are able to grow their business by optimising the risk-reward ratio of their investments and strengthening the strategic fit between their vision, business environment and resources.


Ingenieux Asset Consulting

Ingenieux has the solemn commitment to taking the long-term view by ensuring that we avoid fads. Instead of investing in opportunities that are simply in vogue, we focus our energy and skills towards an investments regime that subscribes to sound governance and best practices as characterised by:

• Solutions tailored to cater for the needs of institutional, financial intermediary and private client market segments.

• Close, collaborative client relationships.

• A pro-active approach to investment and risk management.

• A commitment to wealth protection and growth as opposed to a gamblers instinct that leads to wealth deterioration.

Financial markets are becoming increasingly volatile, fluid and dynamic. As a result, the window of opportunity to capture high potential opportunities is always narrowing. Within this challenging environment, Ingenieux Asset Consulting have successfully adopted a tactical approach to delivering wealth generating solutions taking into account:

• The investment time horizon.

• The clients unique risk tolerance levels.

• The client’s liquidity needs.

• The client’s performance expectations within the framework prevailing and anticipated market conditions.

• The need to continuously monitor, refine and update our proprietary investment strategies.


Our Value Principles

Central to our value chain is:

• Creative ideas – We are recognised for our pragmatic and innovative solutions which are based on our clients unique needs.

• Risk Management – the close synchronisation of our services with prudent risk management ensures that the core building blocks of our solutions are embedded around the trade-off between risk appetite and reward.

• Responsible Citizen – we strive to ensure that we earn and uphold the trust in our business conduct that is expected by our industry peers, employees, and clients.

• Delivering on Advantage – Our responsiveness to our clients for a close and enduring relationship.

• Credibility – Understanding the need for transparency, discreetness and confidentiality. Our reward structure is largely driven by success fees thereby ensuring that our organisational and personal objectives are aligned to the objectives of our clients.


Institutional Clients

Ingenieux Asset Consultancy provides global investment management and advisory services to:

• Asset Managers.

• Financial Advisors.

• Institutional Clients.

• Public Sector Institutions.

• Other Financial Intermediaries.

We are able to service our clients on a vast array of asset classes ranging from Commodities and Currencies to Exchange Traded Derivatives and Global Equities. Our solutions to them are morphed in a broad range of styles that include Alternatives, Growth Strategies, Ethical Funds and Quantitative Strategies among others.

Our professional investment management team is continuously developing new proprietary algorithmic solutions that are structured as a series of facts, procedures or rules within a dynamic expert system. Through our expert systems we cater for a much broader set of client needs beyond classical investment management solutions.


Private Clients

Wealth Management requires a prudent and proactive approach towards Risk Assumption and Risk Mitigation. Our objective is to be the best of breed provider of private client wealth management solutions. We subscribe to the view that the returns we are able to generate for our clients is influenced largely by the price of the asset, active risk management and our ability to maintain a tenacious and opportunistic approach to financial markets.

We offer our private clients a suite of high value added and integrated solutions comprising of advice on:

• Corporate Advisory

• Estate Planning

• Family Business

• Family Offices

• Legal, tax and Accounting Matters

• Philanthropy

• Private Asset Advisory

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