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Tourism WA's Investment Attraction team ::

Tourism Western Australia (Tourism WA) is a statutory authority under the portfolio of the Minister for Tourism and is governed by a Board of Commissioners. The agency focuses on the following three key operational areas which aim to increase visitor numbers and tourism’s contribution to the gross state product.


Tourism WA will achieve this through three major strategic objectives:


  • Deliver innovative marketing to make Western Australia famous for its extraordinary experiences and convert consumer preference to visitation.


  • Develop, attract and market events that fortify Western Australia’s brand, deliver visitors to the State, activate infrastructure, add social vibrancy and encourage community participation.


  • Facilitate tourism infrastructure development to provide access to, and accommodation around Western Australia’s extraordinary tourism experiences.


Tourism WA has three core divisions, each with a specific role in growing the development of tourism as an industry and increasing visitation to and length of stay in Western Australia.


  • Marketing.
  • Infrastructure and Investment.
  • Eventscorp.


The Infrastructure and Investment team can provide advice and a facilitation service that can assist by:



  • Identifying investment opportunities.
  • Identifying relevant service providers.
  • Assisting with the investment and approvals process through local and state government.
  • Providing comprehensive background information relevant to the investment decision.
  • Reviewing investment proposals and business plans and advising as to their general acceptability within the context of the strategic direction of tourism in Western Australia.


More information about Tourism WA is available on or on the consumer website


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