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Education in Australia is about much more than the course you are studying.


The higher education system in Australia is truly international. Universities have links with institutions in over 100 countries, with academic staff constantly being recruited from overseas. Graduates from Australian universities find employment in companies around the world



Quality teaching


The quality of teaching and research in Australian institutions is internationally regarded. Industry experts share their skills and experience to enhance the learning experience in the classroom, preparing students for the employment market. Learning to think creatively and independently and develop strong academic skills is a focus of each course.

Competitive living costs


Australia is also a great place to live while you're studying. The standard of living is one of the highest in the world, yet living costs are very competitive. Cultural festivals, concerts, museums, major sporting events and amazing travel opportunites are there to enrich the student experience.


Graduate opportunities


After graduating in Australia, there are employment opportunities at every turn. The Australian Government has been very active in developing qualifications recognition and memoranda of understanding between Australia and other countries. There are many universities and higher education institutions in Australia that offer returning home seminars for international students, which will provide advice to help prepare you for finding a job in your home country. Many international students choose to stay in Australia to work. There are a number of recruitment companies in Australia that link graduates with prospective employers and offer career counselling. Many large international corporations, especially in finance, information technology and engineering, run their own graduate recruitment programs, and value graduates with international experience, such as a qualification from an Australian university.



Six reasons, students choose Australia


  • Provides quality education
  • Is an English speaking country
  • Is perceived as safe and secure
  • Offers students the opportunity to experience a new culture/lifestyle
  • Has competitively priced course fees and costs of living
  • Has a temperate climate.

Fact from the Australian Educational International Student Survey

Education in Australia – the facts

  • International education is Australia's third largest export industry behind coal and iron ore
  • The international education industry wasworth $14billion Financial year 08-09
  • There are around half a million international students in Australia at any time
  • Total international student enrolments in Australian courses total 460,000 onshore and a further 120,000 offshore
  • International enrolments account for about 19.3% of total enrolments, compared to 7.2% worldwide, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Australian’s international education enrolment numbers have increased by 78 % over the five years to 2007.
  • Australia is the world’s third most popular English-speaking destination for international students, and the fifth most popular overall.
  • Most popular degree fields for international higher education students are: management and commerce, 48%; information technology, 10%; and society and culture, 8%.
  • Most popular fields for vocational education and training students: management and commerce, 58%; food, hospitality and services, 14%; and society and culture 9 %.
  • Top three nationalities of international students: China, 22%; India, 14%; Republic of Korea, 7%
  • Top ten nationalities of international students (accounting for 69% of all international students in Australia): China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, USA, Brazil. Incentives for international students

"Guaranteed safety net" - if a college closes before international students graduate, and they cannot be placed in another comparable course, their fees will be refunded (under review - recommended by the Bradley Review in Higher Education)


The Go8 (Group of Eight) director said recommendations proposing enhanced student income support, full funding of research and a nationally coordinated approach to universities were highlights of the review


Each of the Go8 Universities and most other major higher education institutions offer their own financial, housing and employment assistance programs to international students.


Group of Eight Universities:


  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Melbourne
  • Australian National University
  • University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Queensland
  • University of New South Wales


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