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Tourism Australia - Fast Facts::

The tourism industry's contribution to the Australian economy is immense, with the sector generating more than A$40 billion in gross domestic product and directly employing around half a million people.

Australian Tourism Industry - Fast Facts:

• Inbound tourism accounted for $10.6 billion of total GDP in 2007-08, an increase of 7 per cent, over 2006-07.


• Tourism (including domestic tourism) accounted for 3.6 per cent of total GDP (or $40.6 billion) in 2007-08, an increase of 4 per cent over 2006-07 (including inflation). Inbound tourism industry share of GDP was 0.9 per cent in 2007-08.


• Tourism makes an important contribution to Australia's export earnings. In 2007-08, international visitors consumed $23.6 billion worth of goods and services produced by the Australian economy. Total tourism consumption represented 10 per cent of the total exports of goods and services.


• The tourism industry employed 497,800 people in 2007-08, an increase of 3 per cent on 2006-07. Tourism's share of total employment remained level with last year at 4.7 per cent.


•Tourism tends to be more labour intensive, on average, than other forms of economic activity. Retail trade negerated the most tourism employment (25% of total tourism employment). Retail trade, accommodation, cafes and restaurants account for half of the employment generated by tourism.


 Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian National Accounts: Tourism Satellite Account, 5249.0, 2007-08.


Business Events in Australia


The Business Events sector is an important part of Australia’s tourism industry. Tourism Research Australia released in 2009 a complete study about demographic characteristics and trends relevant to the sector. Some of the main findings of the study are:


• There were an estimated 6.1 million Business Event travellers in 2008. Of these, 2.8 million were domestic overnight visitors, 2.8 million domestic day visitors, and 377,000 international visitors.


• Business Events travellers are high yield visitors, spending on average $234 per night compared with $163 per night for the average traveller.


• Both international and domestic Business Events travellers were more likely to stay in a luxury hotel than the average traveller (43% compared to 27% for international, and 41% compared to 14% for domestic overnight travellers).


• Business Events play an important role in attracting visitors to Australia. Nearly three-quarters of international Business Events travellers would not have come to Australia at the time if not for the event.


• Conferences, conventions and seminars attracted the majority of international (87%), domestic overnight (86%) and domestic day visitors (69%), compared to trade fairs and exhibitions.


• There were 1.6 million visitors who took a trip that was part of a reward provided by their employer. Of these incentive travellers, 50% were domestic overnight visitors, 39% were domestic day visitors, and 11% were international visitors.


From the "Business Events in Australia: Results from the International Visitor Survey and the National Visitor Survey 2008"