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American grain handler firm Gavilon LLC to open new office in Australia::

In a move aimed at bolstering its operations in Australia, American grain handler, Gavilon Group, said Friday that it plans to open a commodities trading office in the country. The new commodities trading office will add to its current Australian operation based in Brisbane. The establishment of the new office operations comes in the wake of the company’s failure over joint venture talks with domestic Australian grain handler, AWB, that instead decided to undertake an A$856 million merger with GrainCorp.  

Analysts believe the collapse of the joint venture talks with AWB was due to Gavilon’s delays in concluding the deal. Thus the new office targets expanding origination, transportation and logistics, marketing and distribution, and risk management services in the Asia Pacific expanse. In that regard, the company expects the new office to bolster its origination of wheat and other commodities in Australia and other destination marketing operations in the Asia Pacific expanse.

David Levine, Gavilon international division vice president, said Australia continues to execute a significant function with regard to the company’s overall global growth strategy. As such, the new office is expected to supplement the company’s existing operations in the region, said the vice president.  Commenting further, Levine said Gavilon is keen on expanding its participation in the Australian origination market.

In that breadth, the country continues to be important for the company and thus similar operations, other than expansion of the existing ones are crucial, he added. On the other hand, the company’s existing Brisbane operations deals with feed ingredients, animal fats and animal proteins.

The Brisbane office offers sales, marketing and transporting services for the commodities mentioned above, linking Australian domestic supplies and Western supplies with the Pacific Expanse demand. The US based Gavilon LLC is a subsidiary of the Gavilon Group LLC that offers essential commodities and related services in the physical distribution, trading, merchandising and risk management of raw materials.

Additionally, the company provides value-added products moving via the worldwide supply chain of grain, feed ingredients, fertilizers and energy products. Other than that, Gavilon assists its clients in risk management and optimization of margins over a variety of agricultural and energy commodity markets. The company is headquartered in Omaha, NE and currently employs a global workforce of 930 individuals in its 144 facilities located across six continents.

8 Aug 2010