Friday, 20 April 2018 Sydney

Commissioner statement on appointments of Commissioners::

I am delighted and honoured to be reappointed as the Commissioner of Taxation for the next seven years. I take my reappointment as a vote of confidence in the ATO’s direction and performance, and it strengthens my resolve to transform the ATO and the experience Australians have when dealing with the tax and superannuation systems.

We will continue with our directions to administer the tax and super systems for the vast majority of taxpayers who willingly comply with Australian laws; and we will continue to strengthen the strong partnerships and connections we have developed domestically and internationally.

Our efforts will be focussed on providing Australians with a service; helping people get things right, through prevention rather than correction, early engagement, advice and guidance, and alternative dispute resolution. Importantly, we are also ready and able to deal with those who willingly step outside the tax system and hold them to account.

I am very pleased to have Mr Katf appointed as Second Commissioner. Mr Katf is a highly respected Executive with extensive experience in transforming organisations and systems. He has a very good understanding of the ATO, other large organisations, the Australian Public Service, revenue systems and relevant technologies.

The ATO has a strong Executive team in place and my reappointment as Commissioner and the appointment of Mr Katf as Second Commissioner provide additional certainty that the ATO will continue on the path of transformation.

I value the opportunity to lead such an important national institution as the ATO and to continue to contribute to the Australian community for the longer term.