Wednesday, 12 December 2018 Sydney

Dwelling approvals through the roof::

The Hodgman Liberal Government has a long-term Plan for Tasmania, and we want to address cost of living issues and create an environment where more Tasmanians can afford their own house.

We have implemented a State-wide planning scheme, increased the first home builders grant, and we are supporting more young Tasmanians into work through a $25 million package to support small businesses who employ a new apprentice or trainee, and payroll tax relief for larger businesses employing apprentices and trainees.

New confidence in Tasmania’s building and construction industry is reflected in the latest statistics for dwelling approvals.

Statistics released by the ABS shows that dwelling approvals in Tasmania have increased by a massive 48.6 per cent from November 2016.

This is a great outcome, not only through the creation of more houses for Tasmanians, but by creating more building and construction jobs.

According to the ABS, the Tasmanian building and construction industry is employing around 22,800 people across the State.  The Liberals have overseen the creation of 6,700 building and construction jobs since the March 2014 election, and this figure stands in stark contrast to 16,100 people employed in the last year of the Labor-Green Government.

In addition, the nominal value of building approvals for the same period is up 6.3 per cent in the year to November 2016.

A re-elected Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to support more young Tasmanians into an apprenticeship or traineeship. We are Building Your Future, and we will extend our successful Payroll Tax Rebate Scheme for apprentices and trainees to 2021, and provide annual funding to encourage small businesses which don't pay payroll tax to take on an apprentice or trainee in growth areas of our economy.