Wednesday, 24 October 2018 Sydney

Energy bonus cheques::

I welcome Westpac’s apology regarding the special energy bonus.

I am extremely disappointed that despite repeated assurances, not all cheques were despatched by Westpac’s mail distribution provider in the timeframe we were advised they had been.

I was first made aware of a potential issue at Westpac's end on Tuesday afternoon, and we have spent the past 24 hours talking to Westpac and getting to the bottom of the problem.

I share the frustration of many Tasmanians who have not yet received their cheques, and have expressed these frustrations directly to senior Westpac management.

The good news is Westpac has now confirmed that all cheques for those registered with an electricity concession with Aurora have either been sent or are in the process of being sent.

As previously advised the application process for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders and those who receive electricity bills from third parties remains open until January 12.

I note Labor's gold-medal winning hypocrisy on this given they oppose the additional support being provided to Tasmanians in need.

Westpac has provided the Government with the following update:

“Westpac has worked overnight with its partners to ensure that all outstanding energy rebate cheques are with and being delivered by Australia Post. As a result the vast majority of customers should receive their cheque by the end of this week. Westpac apologises to Tasmanians who did not receive their cheques on time and are reviewing the procedures to ensure that this does not occur again.”