Wednesday, 20 February 2019 Sydney

Jobs growth continues in Queensland despite tough conditions::

Queensland has recorded over two-thirds of the nation’s jobs growth in July, taking another step towards the Bligh Government’s 100,000 jobs target, ABS employment data revealed today.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser said momentum had been maintained in tough times with 2,200 of Australia’s 3,000 jobs being created in Queensland.

“In the midst of global economic uncertainty, this is a strong result that should boost business confidence,” Mr Fraser said.

“Queensland powered to record a fourth month of consecutive jobs growth since the natural disasters disrupted the 16 month streak from July 2009 to December 2010.

“The Queensland Government remains as committed as ever to creating 100,000 jobs this term now with 21,500 to go.

“By no means are we out of the woods yet with some very real challenges still ahead.

“However, Queensland has the real benefit of a significant investment pipeline ready to drive economic growth.

“More now than ever it’s important that we stick to our guns and plan to invest in infrastructure and attract new business.”

Mr Fraser said trend unemployment increased to 5.4 per cent on the back of strong growth in the state’s participation rate.

“So while we have seen jobs growth continue, we have seen even more people looking for work. That’s why we remain committed to driving jobs generation.

“The jobs growth in Queensland was split evenly between full-time and part-time growth.”

15 Aug 2011.