Friday, 23 August 2019 Sydney

Labor has a history of selling government businesses – at least ten government businesses sold between 1998 and 2014::

It’s clear that Labor is considering selling off more tax payer owned businesses to prop up their election spending.

This morning Michelle O’Byrne admitted on radio that Labor would consider selling TasNetworks.

Scott Bacon’s forced denial was too little too late, because as we all know with Labor you can’t trust what they say, instead you need to look at their record.

Between 1998 and 2014 Labor sold at least ten government businesses, including:

  • The Trust Bank
  • The Tasmanian Government Insurance Office
  • The Civil Construction Corporation
  • The Hobart Airport
  • The Tote
  • The Printing Authority

Labor sold off all of these assets and Tasmania has absolutely nothing to show for it, because when Labor was voted out, the State's finances were a mess, the economy had been in recession and the budget had a cumulative deficit of over $1 billion.

It’s obvious that Labor would want to continue selling government businesses so they can prop up their reckless spending.

The choice at the next election couldn’t be any clearer – a majority Hodgman Liberal Government that can balance the books and invest to grow the economy and create jobs or a Labor-Green minority government that will flog off the silverware at the first opportunity.