Friday, 04 December 2020 Sydney

Melbourne is a global city that is widely regarded as one of the world’s best places to live, work and do business - Mayor Doyle::

Melbourne is a global city that is widely regarded as one of the world’s best places to live, work and do business. For the past four years, the Economist Intelligence Unit has named us the world’s most liveable city.


Our famed liveability has become the city’s competitive edge. We offer a family-friendly lifestyle, visitor-friendly experiences and alluring opportunities for business and investment.


The city is rapidly growing and expanding, with more people living here than ever before and up to one million passing through the municipality each day.


Today, the City of Melbourne is an economic powerhouse. In the six years to 2012 we bolstered our economy by a third and created 76,000 new jobs, despite the pressures of the Global Financial Crisis.


Although 200 times smaller than Greater Melbourne and home to around 40 times fewer people, the municipality accounts for 37 per cent of Greater Melbourne’s economy and 27 per cent of the state’s economy.


Docklands, one of our newest central city precincts, is now second only to Perth CBD in terms of wealth generation, producing the highest levels of productivity and work value per hour for the whole city.


A number of unique strengths have helped to enhance this business offering, including:


-        An internationally competitive and resilient economy

-       A highly skilled, professional workforce

-       Proven commercial strengths as the financial services capital of Australia

-       Extensive capabilities in the knowledge, creative and digital services sectors

-       Demonstrated leadership in sustainability

-       A 24-hour curfew-free airport

-       World famous sporting and cultural facilities

-       World recognised events calendar

-       High quality natural, human and physical assets.


The City of Melbourne has a proud history of supporting and facilitating business and economic growth in Melbourne. We have developed support programs for businesses of all sizes from start-ups to large multinational companies, designed to stimulate new thinking, encourage collaboration and facilitate new product and service exports for the global economy.


Our experienced and stable leadership team builds and nurtures international partnerships with a range of fast-growing, emerging economies in Asia and around the world.


We work closely with the Victorian and Australian governments to establish and build on local and international business relationships and to influence and advocate for new opportunities for Melbourne. We also help drive significant investment in knowledge, education, skills, training, infrastructure, new community services and cultural activities.


In order to maintain its global status and prosperity, the city is rapidly embracing new business opportunities, responding to the challenges of the global economy and expanding its knowledge and digital sectors.


We are also actively managing population growth, responding to a wide range of community and societal expectations and developing comprehensive strategies to overcome existing and potential environmental challenges.


The future is bright and we look forward to sharing in these opportunities with you.


Robert Doyle

Lord Mayor