Thursday, 20 June 2019 Sydney

REISSUE: Backing in sustainable nature tourism::

Tasmania has an unrivalled, and spectacular natural environment which people from all over the world, as well as many Tasmanians, want to experience. It is an environment we all richly respect, and want to preserve.

For many years Tasmania has demonstrated that we are able to offer world-class experiences by allowing for sensible, sustainable tourism experiences in our wilderness areas. This is evident at Cradle Mountain, the Overland Track, the Three Capes Track, at Freycinet Lodge or at Pumphouse Point.

Today I once again affirm my Government’s strong commitment to our EOI process.

When, on coming into government, we implemented our innovative policy to seek and rigorously assess proposals for appropriate tourism enterprises in our national parks, reserves and Crown land, it was to find best practice environmental tourism ideas that are compatible with the natural and cultural values of these areas.

We stand by that policy, and the process that has delivered successful mountain biking trails, walking tracks, and high quality eco-accommodation, all of them sensitive and appropriate to their locations and the surrounding environment.

We understand that not everybody agrees with every project, but we should not allow opposition to any one particular project lead to assaults on the very idea of nature based tourism in Tasmania.

Tasmania’s world class Parks and Reserves are protected by State and Commonwealth legislation, which together provide some of the strongest protections in the world.

The EOI puts a new level of transparency on what existed already, as well as opening up new opportunities for all Tasmanians.