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Software provider, TechnologyOne wins Epworth HealthCare contract for enterprise suit installation::

TechnologyOne Thursday said it had successfully won the Epworth bid for the installation of the company’s software solutions enterprise suite. TechnologyOne’s enterprise suite for Epworth comprises financials, supply chain, business intelligence, work and assets, enterprise budgeting and customer relationship management. Epworth HealthCare is Victoria State’s biggest non-profit private hospital group and the deal will see TechnologyOne install the suite across all of the hospital’s operations.

Epworth HealthCare’s chief executive reiterated that the hospital had decided to go with TechnologyOne due to its commitment and its impressive work in research and development. In addition, the hospital said TechnologyOne had solutions that would cater for its business needs, as well as having impressive credentials in the Australian software market.

Epworth HealthCare further said that it was looking for a company that is able to meet all of its present and future requirements. As such, TechnologyOne’s 20% investment in research and development was reason enough for choosing the software firm as the final winner of the contract. Epworth is keen on finding a solution provider that has optimized software designs that are aimed at catering for the requirements of the healthcare industry, said the hospital.

Subsequently, TechnologyOne is expected to install its solutions in the hospital group’s acute medical and surgical services, sub-acute care, diagnostics and rehabilitation. However, the project comes in line with the hospital’s growth and expansion plans that will see it develop its teaching hospital, the Epworth Teaching Hospital. With the Australian government keen on introducing healthcare reforms in the country, Epworth noted that the contract is crucial and very timely.

On its part though, TechnologyOne chief executive reiterated that the healthcare industry is a critical part of the company’s plans for the vertical market. With the pending government reforms, TechnologyOne said it’s keen on assisting hospitals cope with the reforms through creation of automated systems to tackle the challenge. Currently, TechnologyOne has about 25 healthcare institutions in its client list, inclusive of giants in the sector such as Healthscope. According to TechnologyOne, the healthcare sector has generated about $9 million of its revenues in the last three years.

Epworth HealthCare is a provider of acute medical, surgical and rehabilitation services in Melbourne. The group has four divisions: Epworth Richmond, Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons and Epworth Rehabilitation, with rehabilitation sites at Richmond, Camberwell and Brighton. With over 1200 beds and more than 4000 staff, Epworth HealthCare is Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private hospital group.

12 Aug 2010.