Thursday, 24 May 2018 Sydney

Tasmanian defence industries taking on the world::

The Hodgman Liberal Government continues to back our State’s capabilities in the manufacturing and defence contracting sectors, and welcomes the latest international successes of two home-grown companies, which cements what should be our place in Australia’s own defence building sector.

CBG Systems and Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA), both based at Derwent Park, are taking Tasmanian know-how and innovation to the world’s defence forces.

CBG Systems has recently signed a contract to supply Moonraker antenna systems to the Italian Naval Law Program, and will manufacture and supply Moonraker antennas for nine new multirole Combat Patrol Vessels, with an option for an additional four.

Moonraker’s systems are in a prime position to be selected by the Australian Government as the antenna supplier for the SEA 5000 program which will replace Australia’s existing Anzac Class frigates.

CBG’s current workforce of 50 full time staff is expected to grow to cater for this new demand.

Liferaft Systems Australia is another local success story emerging in the defence sector around the world following successful trials of their Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) from HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Liferaft Systems currently has a full order book, with orders secured to the end of 2020, and maintains a fulltime workforce of more than 50 staff which is expected to increase through imminent new defence contracts.

While their traditional base was in lifesaving equipment for the international ferry market, recent growth now sees marine defence account for around 20 per cent of business.

Liferaft Systems Australia already export Marine Evacuation Systems to the USA Navy, New Zealand Navy, The Netherlands Navy, French Navy and the UK Navy.

With locally owned, operated and staffed companies like CBG Systems and Liferaft Systems Australia gaining such a strong reputation from navies around the world it goes to show that Tasmania deserves its place in our own national defence sector.

We are proudly committed to supporting our local manufacturing and defence support businesses like these and continue to push for the Australian Government to recognise Tasmania as an important player in our own defence force’s future which is a key initiative of our Our Fair Share of Defence Strategy.

The Our Fair Share of Defence Strategy is available at