Monday, 25 May 2020 Sydney

Victorian businesswomen get first-hand look into Asian markets::

Victorian businesswomen are being helped to go global as part of a revamped Victorian Women in International Business program.

An initiative of the Victorian Government’s ‘Globally Connected: Victoria’s Trade Statement‘, the program last month gave business owners  first-hand insight on how to take their products, knowledge and expertise to  global markets at the ‘Victorian Women in International Business Pan-Asia Export training’ event.

The unique event featured prominent keynote speakers who shared stories of entering international markets, particularly across Asia, offering nearly 100 participants an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the competitive Asian market.

Speakers included Jessica’s Suitcase founder Jessica Rudd, acclaimed filmmaker Mitu Bhowmick-Lange, Aromababy founder Catherine Cervasio and Slim Secrets boss Sharon Thurnin.

The Victorian Women in International Business program aims to give Victorian women the tools, skills and knowledge to break into new global markets. The Victorian Government is working hard to give Victorian women the opportunity to succeed by taking their businesses global.

Asia, and in particular China, is an incredibly important region for Victoria with the Chinese market generating A$9.8 billion in in 2016-17, boosting the local economy and creating jobs for the state.

The Victorian Government will host the first all-women trade mission to China this year with a focus on trade and investment in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

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