Friday, 27 November 2020 Sydney

New South Wales::

NSW generates more than 35% of Australia’s goods and services and sends more 60% of its exports to Asia, a larger amount than any other Australian State. NSW attracts more...Why invest in New South Wales?The First State...NSW is located in the upper south-east corner of the Australian continent and...
NSW has the largest economy in Australia, valued at $360 billion in 2007-08 or about 32% of Australia's GDP. This is one third larger than that of the next State, and Sydney alone accounts for almost one quarter of Australia's GDP. OVERVIEW   The economy of NSW is highly diversified, with...
For smart business leaders, investing in Australia means investing in New South Wales. It's the natural choice. With our $400 billion economy, New South Wales is Australia's foremost State, and its capital, Sydney, Australia's one true global city.Sydney's reputation as a regional finance hub is...


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