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Invest in Northern Territory::

Though the least populous of Australian states, The Northern Territory experienced population growth of 2.2% in 2008 and its GDP increased by 1.0% in 2008-09, when compared with 2007-08, following a rise in mineral and energy production.


The Northern Territory occupies much of the centre and northern regions of mainland Australia. With an area of over 1,349,129km2 the territory has a population of only 211,000 people, making it the most sparsely populated state or territory in Australia.  The recent completion of a transcontinental railway from Adelaide to Darwin, and Darwin’s new East Wharf facility have improved access and enhanced trade routes between Asia and south eastern Australia.

Lifestyle & Industry


Home to some of the most dramatic landscapes Australia has to offer, The Northern Territory boasts World-Heritage listed natural wonders such as Uluru/Ayers Rock and the Kakadu National Park. The Northern Territory maintains a flourishing tourism industry, with visitors drawn to its wealth of culture and overwhelming physical beauty. In 2007-08, 1.394 million people visited The Northern Territory, spending over $1.6bn. It provides the quintessential Australian desert outback experience in the ‘Red Centre’ and Darwin, a vibrant cosmopolitan city in a tropical setting.


Investment Potential


As the Australian capital city in closest physical proximity to Asia, Darwin’s importance as a port is expected to grow, destined to become a hub of international trade. The Northern Territory shows great potential for the development and expansion of its minerals, petroleum and energy sector, currently driving around 25% of its economy. Huge future economic growth is predicted, from prosperous mining, tourism, defence and agribusiness industries.