Saturday, 30 May 2020 Sydney

Northern Territory Chief Minister Message 2010-11 Annual::

I am pleased to support Invest in Australia publication. The following pages present a wide angled view of the Territory landscape and people by profiling the diverse industries that make up our economy.


The Northern Territory is enjoying strong economic and population growth, with one the lowest unemployment rates in Australia.


My Government will continue its strong economic management, promoting economic growth and business opportunities and creating jobs.


That’s why our Territory 2030 Plan includes a clear path forward to harness and further expand our focus on research and innovation.


We will continue to work with the private sector to increase investment and promote employment growth in the resources sector.


We are committed to diversifying the economy with a focus on developing the Territory as a gas and oil hub. We will also continue to grow our infrastructure; this financial year saw a record infrastructure budget of 1.3 billion dollars.


Not only is the Northern Territory a great place to visit, but it is a landscape offering unlimited economic opportunity. 



Paul Henderson MLA

Chief Minister

Northern Territory Government