Friday, 25 September 2020 Sydney

Premier of Western Australia Message 2010-11 Annual::

Western Australia is the powerhouse energising Australia’s economy, a performance built on the strength of its energy and minerals export industries.


In 2009-2010, Western Australia accounted for more than 40% of the Nation’s exports and 30% of new capital investment.


With continuing strong demand, this level of performance will be maintained over coming decades which will create an exciting investment climate in the state.


With more than 50 minerals produced and exported from Western Australia, the investment opportunities include resources production and processing, building and operating-related infrastructure as well as in industries servicing these sectors.


With the population and economy growing strongly, there is a high demand in residential, commercial and industrial development, facilities and services in our capital city and in regional growth centres.


There is also unmet demand for quality accommodation, generated by business travellers and by tourists.


Our vast diverse land mass and highly developed agricultural technologies has also created opportunities for investment in export food production for increasingly affluent Asian markets.


Western Australia’s location and its trade linkages, both with the strongest and with the most significant emerging economies in Asia, add to the State’s attractions.


Companies which invest in and are located Western Australia are well placed to step into these markets knowing that they are operating in a politically stable and secure business environment.


In addition, the vital role of investment from overseas in enabling economic development is well understood and welcomed by Western Australians and their State Government.


I encourage you to consider what Western Australia has to offer and am confident you’ll make a decision that will be in your best interests, and in ours.













Colin Barnett MLA