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Australian Knowledge Management Group is a key network of specialists together growing and sharing new developments in the fast moving, technology backed management space associated with the use and management of corporate intellectual property, data and critical business information.

The site provides regular updates and insights into new intitiatives in knowledge management, as well as positioning some of the more traditional management methodolgies, tools and approaches. It also provides a forum for you to ask questions and gain answers to questions you may have on Knowledge Management or related issues.


Our Company Message
Our mission is to help you relax as well as to help you be profitable!

FOR THE PROFITABLE! Australian Knowledge Management Group Pty Ltd, kicks in to help you position your Company for new commercial goals and efficiencies!

  • We are positioned to provide business and organisational infrastructure development services, after the venture capital is raised!
  • We can facilitate merger and acquisition discussions and IP transfers.
  • We can help you put the business together - after the decisions are made on which components are to be merged or acquired!
  • We can provide self assessment and gap analysis for longer standing companies, looking to regroup and position themselves ready for the market turn in 2002!
  • In addtion we provide a full corporate imaging and design service to allow you to take the total company to new dimensions.

    FOR THE ENJOYABLE! Discover the colour of the fly! Flyfishing art and photography for those of you hooked or nibbling!

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