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Traditional Approach

Traditionally, energy developments have been directed from the top-down and have focused on medium to large centralized power generation. These projects require huge investments, are focused on supply to large power users and very often take decades to reach the poor. The rate of rural electrification is barely keeping up with population growth, so in 30 years time, with no new models, there will still be the same number of people without electricity. By reversing traditional rural electrification and building up grids incrementally, in reverse, existing kerosene cash expenditure can be redirected towards building energy infrastrucutre, much like the purchase of mobile phones is rapidly building communications infrastructure across Africa.

Barefoot Power Approach - Reversed Rural Electrification


We are focusing, as a first step, on LED lighting. We have designed affordable high quality LED home lighting systems and initiated mass manufacture of these products. We enable the poor to use the meagre resources of their families and communities better, thus helping them to improve their lives and opportunities. At the same time we reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere from burning millions of barrels of keroesene.
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