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Interlok Safety Flooring Systems


    LOKMAT - Commercial & Industrial Matting System
    Installation - The tiles and ramps are equipped with dove tail connections on two sides. This system facilitates a simple and quick placing of the floor, fitting the tiles and locking them into each other.

    Application - LOKMAT is used today in refineries, distilleries, oilrig platforms, electro galvanizing industry, laboratories, chemical plants, softdrink industry, breweries, meat and fish plants, refrigerated warehouses, industrial kitchens, agricultural greenhouses, workshops, sporting facilities, etc.

    In general, any area where prolonged standing or walking is a requirement.


    LOKMAT floor system is almost unlimited with its anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties.

    LOKMAT does not conduct heat or cold, nor electricity when dry.

    LOKMAT is completely rot and rust proof.

    LOKTILE FLOORING - Commercial & Industrial Flooring
    LOKTILE is unique multi-functional commercial and industrial flooring system. It has patented interlocking keys for simple installation.

    LOKTILE offers exceptional value, being 2-3 times thicker than most conventional vinyl or rubber flooring.

    LOKTILE is inexpensive to install and in some projects can be loose laid with minimal floor preparation, over existing vinyl, over damp concrete substrates.

    LOKTILE has been developed to meet todays rigorous standards.

    LOKTILE is available in granular, and roundel. The roundel passes the Australian Standard for slip resistance, both wet and dry. Both profiles are interconnectable.

    LOKTILE passes the Australian Standard for early fire indices with zero spread of flame.

    LOKTILE is available in a standard range of 12 colours. We can manufacture any colour for a minimum order of 100m.

    LOKTILE is very durable and will withstand regular forklift traffic.

    LOKTILE is naturally UV resistant.

    LOKTILE is completely hygienic and does not promote the growth of bacteria.

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