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Flow control valves; Flow limiting valves; Water flow restrictors; Valves - constant water flow; Restrictors; Flow limiters; Water restrictors; Flow valves.

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Maric Products core business is the manufacture and supply of the ?Maric? flow control valves. These valves limit water flow to a pre-set constant rate by means of an elastomeric control ring whose orifice diameter varies instantly in response to varying pressure differentials across it.

Flow rates are available from 0.4 up to 8854 litres per minute, in body sizes from 1 8? BSP screwed up to 12? flange mount type and in various body and elastomer materials.

Flow rate accuracy is within + - 10% of rated flow throughout the pressure differential range of 140 to 1000 kPa.

Quality Assurance is proudly maintained by the WaterMark management system, which is based on ISO9002.

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