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The City of Perth’s Economic Development Unit is responsible for developing and deploying strategic policies, plans and projects, to guide the future economic prosperity of the city, through the attraction, growth and support of businesses in the city. In order to achieve these aims the Economic Development Unit provides a range of business support services to those businesses who have chosen to operate in the city, or are interested in doing so in the future. Some of the services available include marketing and networking activities, assistance with economic development strategies and business plans, as well as the provision of the latest demographic information, which can be used to inform business decision making.


In March 2010, the Economic Development Unit released a new strategy (Economic Development Strategy 2010-14) to guide the economic development of the city and provide stronger support to key industry sectors, stakeholders and local businesses in order to progress the wide-ranging goals of the City of Perth: Vision 2029. The strategy takes into account key factors such as employment and opportunity, standards of living and the strength of our resources, education, retail and tourism sectors. Also identified is the need for increased engagement with residents, local businesses, all levels of government and the global business community in order to achieve its goals and firmly establish our city, both regionally and globally.


The City of Perth Economic Development Unit is available to assist you with any business enquiries or information requests you may have. Please contact the Economic Development Unit via email to ecodev@cityofperth.wa.gov.au or on +61 8 9641 3198, for any information you require.


If you are a property owner or business within the City of Perth and want to keep up to date with information and news from the Economic Development team please click here to register your details


To find out more about the City of Perth’s Economic Development Strategy please click here.

The Economic Development Unit currently provides a number of business support service and programs that support the economic development of Perth. To find out more about these areas please click on the links below:

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