Wednesday, 28 October 2020 Sydney


  • Invest in Bathurst


    Bathurst offers affordable property, sound infrastructure, a sustainable water supply, a skilled workforce, and a resident population that is one of the fastest in regional NSW. Our combination of location to Sydney, great business support and transport infrastructure increases regional export potential.

    Bathurst's key growth sectors include manufacturing, education and research, health, retail and food. Opportunities exist for new large businesses with sufficient land and associated infrastructure in place to cater for growing demand.

  • There's Nothing Like: Australian Capital Territory


    Canberra is Australia's capital, home to its most iconic galleries and museums. See the bushland surrounding the capital and view Namadgi and the stunning Australian Alps region.

  • Opportunities for Desalination in Australian Agriculture


    This project will provide a national assessment of the feasibility of utilising desalination technologies to address the issue of water scarcity to enhance water supplies to agriculture and associated industries with the aim of increasing Australian agricultural productivity. The project will focus on the outcome of available and relevant laboratory research and pilot projects to demonstrate technical and economic viability of supplying water for selected high value agricultural activities. The outcomes of the project will be to identify the areas of agricultural production with the most potential for desalination and provide guidance for policy formulation and implementation to the NCEDA, government, and agricultural and water industry stakeholders.


  • The Boating Industry of Australia


    Boating is a way of life in Australia. We enjoy it in so many fun and varied ways.

    The Boating Industry Association of NSW (BIA) strives to be the voice and authority to government departments, associated bodies and interest groups, representing the Boating and Marine Industry in NSW, whilst creating awareness within the community and promoting the benefits of safe recreational boating.

  • Phil Toner's view on: the manufacturing industry.


    Phil Toner gives his view on the manufacturing industry - pharmaceuticals, advanced industrial chemistry, nanotubes - and specifically on the Australian car industry.

    Australia is just one of thirteen countries in the world that have the capacity to go from the drawing board right through to the production line and the showroom - and every country that has that capacity seeks to nurture its industry.

    But there are questions around the future of the car industry. And many ask whether the resources sector might fill any gap. Phil Toner gives his view in this co-production between SBS and The Conversation.

  • Should Australians Invest in Real Estate?


    As part of a new focus from the Australian School of Business (ASB) on real estate as an important business sector, Lynne B. Sagalyn, Professor of Real Estate and Director, Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate, Columbia Business School visited the Australian School of Business this month as the Andrew Roberts Visiting Professor. During her trip, Lynne met with ASB academics and addressed students and alumni at a panel event titled, 'Should Australians continue to invest in real estate'?